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Great plans….


Bleeding Hearts from my garden

So – once again, I am very sorry to say – I have not been able to edit Recycled Blues.

We have had 2 deaths in the family (not Covid19 related) but definitely we are struggling with the new reality of dealing with funerals and memorials.

Hopefully, at some point I will be able to focus on something other than the huge holes in my life where people I love were – and who aren’t there anymore.

Thanks for your interest in my stories – I hope to tell many new ones before my time is up.

Virtual HUGS!! – those are still allowed!

Always Something

I had great hopes to finish editing Recycled Blues by now, however with the Covid19 rules changing to allow the work to be done, there are 2 handymen, 1 carpenter and a plumber doing necessary rerouting of all the water pipes in our townhouse complex.

So things are a mess for another 2 weeks or so.



This is what it looks like next door! Happily they don’t have to dig up my garden at all 🙂


So here’s Chapter 1 – am working on editing and hope to get the full book published next week.

So many possible futures lie before us – which one shall we choose?

Currently we are headed towards the death of ourselves and our home,

Mother Earth.

Whatever we decide now will change our future forever.


This story explores one possible future.




For a writer, any new experience creates memories and feelings which can be used in a story.

In Two Tonnes of Sisu, I dealt with child abuse – using my own traumatic childhood, the terrifying stories from my students, and my on-line buddies.

I confess, I hated writing that story – it felt too real, too horrible, and I wished, as I wrote every word, that abuse in any form, could be overcome forever so that no one would ever suffer again.

Over this past winter, I was trapped at home several times, sometimes for weeks due to snow storms. So I wrote another book. At the time, I felt quite mystified why I would be “asked” to write such an unhappy story. (see my page, I’m just the Typist)

And then the pandemic hit. And suddenly, Recycled Blues made sense. I wrote Part Two during the snowstorms, and Part One, weeks later.

Recycled Blues tells the tale of one possible future. I truly hope it helps, in whatever small way, to stop us from making more bad choices. We are critical in so many ways, right now, this moment.

Every choice we make will determine whether we, along with the entire ecosystem, will even survive.

 Recycled Blues will be published in the immediate future. I’ll keep you posted.


Christmas 2014 in the dollhouse

This year we are celebrating Christmas in full fashion – after 20 years of ‘thinking about it’ I have decorated two trees for my dollhouse – here’s the one in the music room.

I have been enjoying the real world so much that I haven’t written any new stories. I am happily catching up on reading some fabulous books from my favorite authors and some new ones.

Off to finish planning a 90th birthday party for a good friend!

Have a wonderful holiday and may all your dreams start coming true in the New Year – or even sooner!




Grand Inheritance KDP cover

Here’s the link to purchase. Still listed at 99 cents USD so you can easily enjoy this new story:


Delighted to announce the launch of my new book for older readers:




For my grandmothers, the Matriarchs,

 with love and gratitude

 for seeing me as I am

 and loving me anyway


You schemed to rule here on earth and succeeded.

 May God grant you the grace to be content

 singing with the angels,

 and remove any ambitions to rule Heaven

Here’s the pitch from the back cover:

     Would you commit a lesser evil to prevent a greater one? What if were to save someone in your family? 

     The Grand is dead. Long live the Grand.

     Katherine Elizabeth Brittain, the powerful head of the Brittain family, dies in mysterious circumstances, leaving her eldest granddaughter, Kathy, as heir to the title. Overwhelmed with her new duties, Kathy, with the help of her five cousins, tries to investigate her grandmother’s death.

     However, being the Grand involves more than controlling her treacherous family. Kathy inherits a major position in a secret organization called the Entre-Mezzo, the people ‘between’, who exchange ‘favors’ in a game of life and death.

This book is suitable for readers over 14 years of age as it deals with some adult themes. Although I realize many children have to deal with very serious issues in their lives, I still suggest younger readers enjoy my just for FUN books like Inside a Wish, Crisis Company and Rescue Santa.

New Author Bio

As I am launching a new book soon – I thought I’d write a totally new author bio –

here it is:


Bio for Jacket Cover


     Rosie Chucklebeary once lived so far off the beaten track you can’t get there by car. Couriers laughed and refused to deliver to her. The mail does get through to a box about twenty minutes away on foot. It’s a nice walk in the summer and a real trudge in the winter snows.

     Her nearest neighbors were deer and raccoon. Rosie says the deer are lovely and quiet, but one of the local raccoons learned to open screen doors and came in, uninvited, and disrupted her kitchen in search of chocolate chip cookies. Not so bad in the middle of the day, but the whole raccoon family often showed up to visit in the middle of the night.

     Before taking up her life of seclusion, Rosie worked at various times as a waitress, a live-in nanny, a housekeeper, a teacher, an employment counselor, a draftsperson, and for ten years before she retired, as a creativity coach. Then she UN-retired to help a friend on a virtual world, and now accepts she will never really retire.

     Rosie currently lives in a beautiful retirement home on the West Coast where she is looked after so well she has time and energy to write.

     Grand Inheritance is the first novel in the Grand Series.

Let’s Celebrate Summer

From July 4th through to July 8th ALL four of my books will be free to download from amazon.com!

Remember – amazon.com will give you FREE apps to read books on:

Kindle Cloud Reader: read instantly in your browser
Smartphones: iPhone and iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry
Computers: Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista
Tablets: iPad, Android Tablet and Windows 8

  Easiest way to find all four books is to go to my author page on amazon.com:


Inside a Wish front cover

CRISIS COMPANY front cover final

Two Tons Book Cover edit 2

Rescue Santa Front Cover










Read The Classics: Tarzan

Books Tarzan ME

I own ALL the Tarzan books and encourage you to read them all. Here I am with my 3 favorite covers – all painted by my art hero, Boris Vallejo.

Over the years, I have been excited, and sometimes stunned, by the original classic stories; before Disney, or some other movie maker, made them into the icons we know today.

We are still enjoying Tarzan, almost 100 years after the first book was written (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Did you know Tarzan helped the Allies in World War II? That he never killed for pleasure?

I started thinking about Tarzan again when I found this book at my local library:

Books Tarzan

Before I list all 24 of the Tarzan books, let me also encourage you to watch the original movies. The underwater scenes amazed me, and the stories were wonderful. Here’s a look at my movie set:

Books Tarzan movies edit

 And here are the 24 Tarzan books (in order) from my personal book collection:

Books Tarzan 1

Books Tarzan 2

Books Tarzan 3

Books Tarzan 5

Books Tarzan 6

Books Tarzan 7

Books Tarzan 8

Books Tarzan 9

Books Tarzan 10

Please enjoy the fantastic covers by Boris Vallejo

Books Tarzan 11

Books Tarzan 12

another Boris Vallejo cover

Books Tarzan 13

Books Tarzan 14

Books Tarzan 15

Books Tarzan 16

 Books Tarzan 17

Books Tarzan 18

Books Tarzan 19

Books Tarzan 20

Books Tarzan 21

Books Tarzan 22

Books Tarzan 23

Books Tarzan 24

and the last one – finished by someone else…..

Books Tarzan 25 001

AWESOME Classics to read

Here and Now JKT I LOVE Paddington and recommend ALL the books about this amazingly wonderful and very funny bear who was found at Paddington Station after arriving from darkest Peru!

These are new stories for the 50th anniversary of Paddington and I really enjoyed all of them. With his marmalade sandwich carefully tucked in his hat for emergencies, Paddington gets involved in an assortment of predicaments and incredible outcomes guaranteed to make you at least smile, if not LOL!

Books The Little White Horse

Somehow I missed reading this classic from 1946. Don’t miss it! I love the whole concept of the land belonging to God, and the lovely church with the Old Pastor leading us through some of the story. Abounding in love, hope, forgiveness and wonder, this beautiful tale should be on everyone’s bookshelf to read again and again over the years.

This is one of those delightful times where the movie and the book tell two totally different stories, and each one can be enjoyed separately. Although the movie makers claim it is based on the book, The Little White Horse, there is little overlap, other than the names of the characters, but the movie story was good and interesting, and I encourage you to watch it!

 The Secret Of Moonacre 2008

I always have a book to read, and am WAY behind on posting my list! These two books really took my attention and so I wanted to make sure I told you about them!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂