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I really enjoyed writing this fun story! There are 5 talking birds, and 3 wonderful dogs, as well as human characters!!

Parrots are amazing creatures. Although some people claim they have no idea what they are saying, I am not so sure! There are 3 types of parrots in Crisis Company: yellow naped amazon, blue fronted amazon and amazon grey.

To watch a real life yellow naped amazon parrot talking and imitating some great sounds, go here:


And for a real life amazon grey parrot, known to be the smartest of all the talking birds, go here:


Over the years, I have known a few talking birds, although I have never had one for a pet. One of the birds we visited loved to groom my husband’s beard. She thought it was wonderful to sit on his shoulder and neatly arrange his beard for him.

In one of my favorite Pubs, many years ago, had a brightly colored Macaw who usually managed to escape from his cage at least once a night, swear at the customers, and even try to bite them. I have no idea what happened to him, but I can imagine he had the same problems as the birds in my story.

This story first came to me about five years ago and I never wrote it. I assumed it wandered off to another writer. But amazingly, it arrived back last month, and happily asked if I had time to write it now. I was delighted to ‘watch’ this story and record it for everyone to enjoy.

CRISIS COMPANY is available on amazon.com in – 

Kindle and paperback format.

CRISIS COMPANY is also listed on other amazon sites like amazon.ca in Canada. You can order a paperback copy through your local bookstore, or ask your local librarian or school librarian if they will order a copy at special prices.

Here is the information you need to order:



ISBN: 9781467924269

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  1. I hope to get it from Santa!! from ~Aata~ 😀

  2. I wish I could get that! -iStorm

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