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Q and A for Inside a Wish

Q   Did you do any drawings for Inside a Wish?

A   I started working on a few ideas and then decided everyone should imagine the characters any way they want. When Maizie makes a comment about Jenny being family, it is funny if they are from totally different ethnic backgrounds. Otherwise, it does not matter at all.

Q   Do you hope to make a zillion dollars?

A   LOL. This question is like the one where people ask me if I want to be young again. NO, thanks! Watch a show that documents what happens to people after they win the lottery. Their friends gradually desert them. They do not have to work so they start wondering why they are alive.

I know having time off looks very exciting when you are overwhelmed and tired. But after a few months, it starts to be very hard to generate things to keep yourself busy and happy. You are faced with long days with nothing in them.

Inside a Wish is the first book I wrote specifically for my grandchildren. Just the process of being brave enough to offer it for people to read has been wonderful. I have several manuscripts in my closet that no one has read! This is a learning experience: How to sell and market a story.

Selling it for 99 cents means I do not make much money. Realistically, I hope to make enough to buy a doghouse for my cat. She likes to sleep under this prickly bush and she drags the prickles into bed with her. The one I want let’s her stay outside in the rain, like a regular doghouse, and also has a front deck for sleeping in the sunshine!

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