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Buy Lines

 BUY LINES are an ad to help you decide whether to buy a copy of the book.

Here is my first buy line:

        Do you believe in making your dreams come true? Are you willing to give up buying a new computer? What about your family? Should they sacrifice their own dreams for you to succeed?

         As Pete’s father struggles with starting his own business, Pete is forced to make difficult decisions about what is truly important in life.

        Along with Pete’s human family and friends, there are some foul-mouthed bird brains who cause Pete to go to the dogs!

        Enjoy the fun of flying friends who just might drop a cold water balloon on your head as Pete tries to help his father reach for his dreams, while discovering he can make his own come true too!

Here is another one:

Although there is a strict “no pet” rule at home, Pete earns his nickname, the Piper, from all the furred and feathers friends who happily follow him anywhere. There are foul-mouthed birds and poor neglected dogs desperately needing homes. Pete wants to save them all.
But how can he? Things are going so badly at home that the cupboards are bare! Despite everything, Pete is determined to help everyone. His ideas are very different and the results are often strange but Pete continues to try.
Enjoy the fun of flying friends who just might drop a cold water balloon on your head, furry friends who sing Christmas Carols, as Pete helps his father reach his dreams. And maybe, some of Pete’s dreams can come true too!
And one more:
Take 5 teenaged boys, add 5 foul-mouthed birds no one wants, and 3 dismal dogs without a home, and you are bound to get a crisis or two!Join Pete and Loopy, with the other furry, feathered and human members of Crisis Company. Guaranteed no one is left on the sidelines collecting dust.

Fly a kite, enjoy a day away from work, but watch out for Kalan who loves to drop ice-cold water balloons on your head!

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