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List of Main Characters

I always find a list of characters very useful, so here is a list to help you remember who everyone is:

Inside a Wish – list of characters

Jennifer Alice Henderson – the hero

Lita Wilcox – the dressmaker

Geranium Marigold Henderson– hero’s Mom

Alf Titus Henderson – hero’s Dad

Benjamin Alfred Henderson – hero’s brother

Lancelair – family dog – Maltese Terrier

Tiberius Spock McCoy – hero’s fiancé

Jason Alexander McCoy – fiancé’s father

Kirsten Ahura Martin – fiancé’s mother

James Kirk McCoy – fiancé’s brother

Janice Christine McCoy – fiancé’s sister

Kara Moville (and her family) – hero’s first best friend

Ms. Thorold – grade two teacher

Harmon Noteworthy Gardiner – Jenny’s Uncle (her mother’s brother)

Ms. Quincy – principal of elementary school

Sergeant Maxwell Abercrombie – in charge of Jenny’s case

Mrs. Hazel Ardmore – retired teacher

Julia Hurst – new owner of Mrs. Ardmore’s house

Maizie Peters – new friend (from the hospital)

Dr. Cecil Adams – Doctor at the Free Clinic

Father Andrew Kennedy at Saint Peter’s Church

Sister Agatha – Sister in residence at Saint Peter’s Church

Martha Keller – mother of Mabel, Terry and Kent

Jeremiah Hawthorn – uses church services

Larry and Maria – members of church cleaning crew

Old Mrs. Iris – woman at church

Ms. Caruthers – bank supervisor

Kirsten Jenkins – the librarian

Carol and Carl March – the bakers

Dr. Walter Lemoore – Jenny’s dentist

Charles (Chuck) Laurence – Cab driver

Peter Keller – Martha’s husband – deceased

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