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New updates to the end of 2011

A lovely old Christmas story from my childhood given to me by my Granny!


Another Enid Blyton collection:

Read through to book 6 of the Children of the Lamp series:

The Five Fakirs of Faizabad (Children of the Lamp Series #6)

The Eye of the Forest (Children of the Lamp Series #5)

The Day of the Djinn Warriors (Children of the Lamp Series #4)

The Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp Series #2)

and see there is a book 7!!

Reading List updated to December 17th 2011

This is book two of Children of the Lamp. Kerr has written many adult books and writes well – and knows how to tell an awesome story. I love the idea of genie children – I better say djinn children!

Fascinating and exciting adventures! Ordered the rest of the series and really looking forward to reading them!


There are now six books in this series.


I found my first Geronimo Stilton book at the local pharmacy! I love the wonderful drawings. There are lots of books and an animated series I have seen some episodes. Books are all great for younger kids learning to read – the pictures really tell the story! LOVE them all!

 I loved this book for the drawings and the story together. Very short sweet book, that can just be enjoyed or savored for the magic.

Thanks amazon for the photo 🙂

Here’s a children’s picture book the adults can enjoy reading too! The drawings are inspired. You have to look carefully to find the three bears, the pumpkin and glass slipper. A great story too. The drawings are magical!! I feel inspired to draw better.

I LOVE NODDY and have all my life!! I also read the Christmas Storybook from the library but cannot find a pic of that cover.

Of course, you know all these books for little kids are because it is Christmas and small people need their bedtime stories with Grannie!

Of course, I LOVE them too. The stories AND the littles!!

Once I started reading Noddy, I couldn’t help but find some other books by Enid Blyton. Four stories in one volume. This amazing author wrote over 600 books!!


Reading list updated to November 28th 2011:

I really must do this more often!! I am sure I missed a few books from my list of what I have read since my last update.

I really recommend:

This amazing story was first published in August 1977 and is still one of the best books ever written. I lent it to a friend when it first came out and his wife was very annoyed when he stayed up all night reading it.

The sequel is also well worth reading.

I forgot how truly captivating these stories are. I read them as fast as I could to find out what happened next!

WARNING: Both these books might make you THINK!! I know they certainly enforced the reasons I am a pacifist and pray, every day, for the end to wars and hatred!


I have been a SMURFS fan since the series showed up in the cartoon line-up on Saturday mornings. Watched them with my children until the series ended. Really happy to see these reproductions of the original comics by Peyo!

Really well done and enjoyed them a lot!!

This story is the start of a new series by the creative genius who (with Holly Black) brought you The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The art work is amazing and the story is well written. Interesting ideas and plot. Looking forward to seeing where he goes from this great start.

 I love the art work in this series. So many words are saved when two people look at each other and you know – that’s it! They are hooked at each other or just made enemies for life!

As with all Meg Cabot’s fluffy books, you can be assured you will have a good read and not need to engage your brain much. Perfect for a rainy afternoon. Avalon High has been made into a movie. Will have to see what they did with the story.

Recommend The Princess Diaries from start to finish by Meg Cabot. Totally different from the movies!!

Although most of the action was pretty cliche I did like the playoffs between the characters and a little romance. This is an old series and there are lots more to read. Showing you book 1.


Really enjoyed this book especially his descriptions of the cyber world. This is book 1 of a new series and looking forward to more from this new writer!

I also included the before and after for the title and cover from jackblank.com. The changes are well worth the effort!


I will not be reading any more of the Septimus Heap series. At the end of book 2, Flyte, the author writes “the pool of sludge that was all that remained of DomDaniel” (the bad guy). The room with the sludge is then magically cleaned.

Yet somehow at the beginning of book 4 the bones of DomDaniel have moved and are back in play without any explanation! I object! Once you totally destroy the villain you have to make a new one!! or explain how he came back!!


Another talented teen-aged writer!

Definitely a recommended read. Looking forward to more in the series.

Re-reading the first books in this wizard family series. Recommend the first three books in the series but then stop!!

Another wizard series – this one with fabulous illustrations.             Recommended read!


This list starts in the fall of 2011. So here are the books I have read up to October 15th 2011:

If you are not familiar with the amazing work of Brian Froud – this book is a great place to start to enjoy his art and his views on painting and the             World of Faerie.

This is the first book of the series. I am currently waiting for the last book (Book 6). Another vision of the World of Faerie.

Classic “hero goes on a quest” story set in China with Chinese legends.

Some good thoughts on what hope really means to each of us. A good place to start a search on finding hope in our lives.

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