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Summer Updates to August 16th

These are just a few of the books I have read since my last update. Planning a full update after my family gathering is over. Having a GREAT time in the real world and hope you are too.

Here are some good choices for the younger ones in your family. The stories are fun and the illustrations are wonderful. You can enjoy some precious moments with a grandchild, younger sibling or cousin, reading these:

and I really like this collection – great value with lots of stories. Would make a lovely birthday present:

You may have read some, or all, of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. It’s very punny and lately the stories focus a lot on sexual puns and the ever-present “Adult Conspiracy”. If you can ignore most of that – they are still good stories and I enjoyed this one. Will not be ready to read another one for a while though.

If you are a Superman Fan you should enjoy this tale about what happens on Krypton just before its violent end. Excellent writer pulls all the myths together into an interesting story which I really enjoyed.

And here is a weird and wonderful story recommended by my number one fan, Neville. Obvious why it won an award for Children’s books, so sit back and enjoy the tale!

Have a HUGE list of the other books I have read and looking forward to sharing them with you after my family goes home again.



Updates to March 6th 2012

Lots of exciting reading!

As Christopher Paolini finally finished his Inheritance Cycle, I went back and re-read the first three books.

As these are amazing and very intense books, I took a short break and really enjoyed the next Wimpy Kid:

Then back to finish the Cycle. I struggled through the first 200 pages or so of the last book and even put it down for a few days. I do not like reading war stories, but finally persevered and got going again. Still debating how I feel about the last book in the series.

My good Buddy and #1 fan, Neville recommended this series. Really enjoyed the first one and have ordered more in the series. You will see them all in the future! Wonderful reading!!

Please read the original book for the movie Hugo. It should amaze and inspire you! I used it when I was teaching to show what wonderful things a writer/artist can create.

 I thought this would be the last one in the series, but apparently not. Unsure whether I will read any more. I have trouble with faeries who act like humans and have ambitions to take over the world and destroy everything.

 And another series about Percy Jackson although he does not appear in the first book! Inspired and wonderful story as always, although I have some trouble with the idea of the gods wandering around with two personalities.


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