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About Chucklebeary Tales!


Hello! My name is Rosie Chucklebeary and I LOVE to tell stories!  

In real life I have eight wonderful grandchildren, and many awesome virtual ones from my time on the Internet!

In 2011, I decided to write some stories especially for all my grandkids!

INSIDE A WISH, for the girls and CRISIS COMPANY for the boys, although anyone of any age can enjoy these stories.

Thanks to all my family and friends, in the real and virtual worlds who encourage and support me. I admire those brave souls who lead by example, posting their creations. Special cheers for the “great ones” willing to teach and inspire us to reach for our dreams.

Special thanks to four very special people for believing in my talent. First on the list is my wonderful husband! He supports and makes me laugh through the worst times and walks with me in the best times.

The second is my wonderful granddaughter who thinks my talent is worth sharing with other people! Thanks, dear heart, for loving me. I miss you – looking forward to you coming home soon.

Even with working full-time and caring for her family, my daughter finds time to read my books and help me do the things I love! You should see us together in a fabric or craft store – we are both calling each other. “Come here – you gotta see this!” The staff always laugh at us! Thanks for the wonderful chats at Starbucks!! So glad we have each other.

A special thanks goes out to my buddy, Jmann93 for being a pushy friend and helping me be brave enough to share my work! You’re the best!

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