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The first question is (of course): 


Easy answer: it’s making errors with arrows!

A very dangerous mistake that requires someone very talented to stop the errow before it hits an innocent being.


Arrows are: 

1. Pointed and sharp projectiles fired with a bow.

They can be dangerous and painful, especially

if you are standing in the wrong place.

2. A sign indicating which direction to go.

3. Tools on a keyboard to move items on a monitor left, right, up or down.


Errors are:

1. Wrong decisions made when someone does not have all the required information, or the wrong information.

2. Mistakes made from lack of attention, being distracted, tired or sick, or accidentally missing something important.


You can imagine the terrible results of making a mistake with an arrow.



Let’s imagine you are playing a video game and instead of hitting the down arrow you hit the left arrow and crash into the “enemy”!

OK – you probably lost a life in a game. Nothing too serious.

Now imagine someone in real life hits the left arrow key

until you fall off this reality and dimension – 

And you keep going……



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