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Books Tarzan ME

I own ALL the Tarzan books and encourage you to read them all. Here I am with my 3 favorite covers – all painted by my art hero, Boris Vallejo.

Over the years, I have been excited, and sometimes stunned, by the original classic stories; before Disney, or some other movie maker, made them into the icons we know today.

We are still enjoying Tarzan, almost 100 years after the first book was written (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Did you know Tarzan helped the Allies in World War II? That he never killed for pleasure?

I started thinking about Tarzan again when I found this book at my local library:

Books Tarzan

Before I list all 24 of the Tarzan books, let me also encourage you to watch the original movies. The underwater scenes amazed me, and the stories were wonderful. Here’s a look at my movie set:

Books Tarzan movies edit

 And here are the 24 Tarzan books (in order) from my personal book collection:

Books Tarzan 1

Books Tarzan 2

Books Tarzan 3

Books Tarzan 5

Books Tarzan 6

Books Tarzan 7

Books Tarzan 8

Books Tarzan 9

Books Tarzan 10

Please enjoy the fantastic covers by Boris Vallejo

Books Tarzan 11

Books Tarzan 12

another Boris Vallejo cover

Books Tarzan 13

Books Tarzan 14

Books Tarzan 15

Books Tarzan 16

 Books Tarzan 17

Books Tarzan 18

Books Tarzan 19

Books Tarzan 20

Books Tarzan 21

Books Tarzan 22

Books Tarzan 23

Books Tarzan 24

and the last one – finished by someone else…..

Books Tarzan 25 001

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