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New Author Bio

As I am launching a new book soon – I thought I’d write a totally new author bio –

here it is:


Bio for Jacket Cover


     Rosie Chucklebeary once lived so far off the beaten track you can’t get there by car. Couriers laughed and refused to deliver to her. The mail does get through to a box about twenty minutes away on foot. It’s a nice walk in the summer and a real trudge in the winter snows.

     Her nearest neighbors were deer and raccoon. Rosie says the deer are lovely and quiet, but one of the local raccoons learned to open screen doors and came in, uninvited, and disrupted her kitchen in search of chocolate chip cookies. Not so bad in the middle of the day, but the whole raccoon family often showed up to visit in the middle of the night.

     Before taking up her life of seclusion, Rosie worked at various times as a waitress, a live-in nanny, a housekeeper, a teacher, an employment counselor, a draftsperson, and for ten years before she retired, as a creativity coach. Then she UN-retired to help a friend on a virtual world, and now accepts she will never really retire.

     Rosie currently lives in a beautiful retirement home on the West Coast where she is looked after so well she has time and energy to write.

     Grand Inheritance is the first novel in the Grand Series.

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