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For a writer, any new experience creates memories and feelings which can be used in a story.

In Two Tonnes of Sisu, I dealt with child abuse – using my own traumatic childhood, the terrifying stories from my students, and my on-line buddies.

I confess, I hated writing that story – it felt too real, too horrible, and I wished, as I wrote every word, that abuse in any form, could be overcome forever so that no one would ever suffer again.

Over this past winter, I was trapped at home several times, sometimes for weeks due to snow storms. So I wrote another book. At the time, I felt quite mystified why I would be “asked” to write such an unhappy story. (see my page, I’m just the Typist)

And then the pandemic hit. And suddenly, Recycled Blues made sense. I wrote Part Two during the snowstorms, and Part One, weeks later.

Recycled Blues tells the tale of one possible future. I truly hope it helps, in whatever small way, to stop us from making more bad choices. We are critical in so many ways, right now, this moment.

Every choice we make will determine whether we, along with the entire ecosystem, will even survive.

¬†Recycled Blues will be published in the immediate future. I’ll keep you posted.