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After a great deal of thought and planning, I have decided to giveaway 25 copies of my latest book, CRISIS COMPANY!

The whole point of a promotion is to promote the thing you are selling!!

As you know, I just want to share my stories. That is the most important thing. Perhaps, one day, I might even make some money! lol (Please read previous post for my current plans for 2011)

I am aware some of you are not allowed to purchase things off the Internet and everyone is afraid of downloading anything dangerous. This is why I deal with amazon.com. They have been in business for a long time, and they have a lot of experience with books.

So, if you want a copy of CRISIS COMPANY and cannot (for whatever reason) make an account and download it yourself for 99 cents, please send me a DM on Twitter, @chucklebeary, or an e-mail to mrs_chucklebeary@yahoo.com with your SAFE (no personal information showing) e-mail address. I will purchase a copy through amazon.com and they will send you instructions on how to download my story.

Amazon.com will give you a FREE app for your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or your pc to allow you to download my book.

If (and some parents are very strict about the computer) you are banned from even using amazon.com, I can e-mail you a copy directly. You will need MicroSoft Word to read it.

Repeating myself, but I think it is worth repeating – I want to share my stories with anyone who wants to read them! Hope you enjoy them! If you do, please post a review for me on amazon.com to let other people know! Thank you.

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