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I just downloaded the Kindle app available for FREE from amazon.com!

Here’s how it works:

1. make an account on amazon.com (I already had one)

2. the easy way to find both my books is put rosie chucklebeary in the search box. Then you will find both Inside a Wish and CRISIS COMPANY.

3. Click on the one you want.

4. Then click the FREE Kindle app you want. I chose the one for my pc (my computer).

5. Press “run” and “run” when prompted. The download took about 2 minutes for my pc app.

6. You register your app with just your e-mail address and the password you made for your account.

7. I used my credit card but there is a box to use a gift card to pay for my book.

8. My credit card is being charged 99 cents!! NO shipping. Nothing extra.

9. And amazon.com gave me 3 other books for free!!

10. Once you have the Kindle app loaded, select it from your menu and then click on the book you wish to read.

The whole process took me less than 10 minutes!!

With your amazon account, you can now write reviews for your favorite books (as long as you are over 13). Please check the details you want to show for your review. Obviously DO NOT use your real name!

If you enjoy my stories, please post a review to let other people know. Thanks!

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