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Here is what I hope to accomplish in the next few months:

1. CRISIS COMPANY published on August 1st and available for 99 cents, along with my first published book for all ages, Inside a Wish.

2. Starting September 1st I will increase the price of both books to $2.99 per download.

The most important thing for me, in publishing, is to be brave enough to share my stories and not leave them locked up in my cupboard!

Now that I have accomplished that, I would like to earn some money so I can:

a) have more giveaways

b) have my next books available by POD. ‘Print on demand’ books means none will wind up in the landfill. Amazon only prints a book when someone orders it. Several people have told me they want a real book they can hold in their hand and save on their bookshelves.

My husband and I have checked into many printing options. Using the POD offered by amazon.com seems the best choice for us. I will keep posting updates on this. Obviously a real book will be more expensive than a download.

c) I need a new computer. Mine is getting old and I would like a laptop so I can set up writing wherever I want. My office is also the guest room, so when we have company it is difficult for me to write. Also, my next door neighbor watches television all day. In the warm weather she has her window open and I am having trouble concentrating!

3. The book I am currently writing is another one for all ages. Some of the characters are the same as a book I started last year and never finished because of my work commitments. I hope to finish both books, one for everyone, and the other more for adults, and publish them on December 1st, ready for Christmas. These would be the first ones actually printed into a book.

If everything works out, and I sell enough copies, I can offer Inside a Wish and CRISIS COMPANY as printed books as well as downloads.

I would appreciate any help you wish to give me.

Although I have lots of twitters, e-mails, and comments in person about how much people enjoyed Inside a Wish, no one has posted a review on amazon.com. You need to be at least 13 years old to post a review.

Please take a few minutes to do this if you really did ‘love’ my story. Other people looking for new books to read often make decisions based on how many stars and positive reviews a book has. Also, please tell your family and friends (who like to read) about my stories.

Thanks again to my awesome editors, family and friends, and my Twitter buddies who have supported me. Having one of your dreams come true is an amazing experience, and I am truly blessed to have so many people helping me!

Today I thought of a new dream. I expect it will take about 10 years to come true. I would love to sell enough books to finance a book signing tour and be able to meet some of my ‘virtual’ grandchildren and buddies! It is a good dream.

(Sadly, I cannot travel for at least the next 2 years. My eye specialist believes I need to be close by in case of an emergency. She is still trying to restore the sight I have lost, although we may only be able to prevent further loss. For now, I will dream of a clearer future, and enjoy writing new stories to share with you)

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