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Books Tarzan ME

I own ALL the Tarzan books and encourage you to read them all. Here I am with my 3 favorite covers – all painted by my art hero, Boris Vallejo.

Over the years, I have been excited, and sometimes stunned, by the original classic stories; before Disney, or some other movie maker, made them into the icons we know today.

We are still enjoying Tarzan, almost 100 years after the first book was written (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Did you know Tarzan helped the Allies in World War II? That he never killed for pleasure?

I started thinking about Tarzan again when I found this book at my local library:

Books Tarzan

Before I list all 24 of the Tarzan books, let me also encourage you to watch the original movies. The underwater scenes amazed me, and the stories were wonderful. Here’s a look at my movie set:

Books Tarzan movies edit

 And here are the 24 Tarzan books (in order) from my personal book collection:

Books Tarzan 1

Books Tarzan 2

Books Tarzan 3

Books Tarzan 5

Books Tarzan 6

Books Tarzan 7

Books Tarzan 8

Books Tarzan 9

Books Tarzan 10

Please enjoy the fantastic covers by Boris Vallejo

Books Tarzan 11

Books Tarzan 12

another Boris Vallejo cover

Books Tarzan 13

Books Tarzan 14

Books Tarzan 15

Books Tarzan 16

 Books Tarzan 17

Books Tarzan 18

Books Tarzan 19

Books Tarzan 20

Books Tarzan 21

Books Tarzan 22

Books Tarzan 23

Books Tarzan 24

and the last one – finished by someone else…..

Books Tarzan 25 001

AWESOME Classics to read

Here and Now JKT I LOVE Paddington and recommend ALL the books about this amazingly wonderful and very funny bear who was found at Paddington Station after arriving from darkest Peru!

These are new stories for the 50th anniversary of Paddington and I really enjoyed all of them. With his marmalade sandwich carefully tucked in his hat for emergencies, Paddington gets involved in an assortment of predicaments and incredible outcomes guaranteed to make you at least smile, if not LOL!

Books The Little White Horse

Somehow I missed reading this classic from 1946. Don’t miss it! I love the whole concept of the land belonging to God, and the lovely church with the Old Pastor leading us through some of the story. Abounding in love, hope, forgiveness and wonder, this beautiful tale should be on everyone’s bookshelf to read again and again over the years.

This is one of those delightful times where the movie and the book tell two totally different stories, and each one can be enjoyed separately. Although the movie makers claim it is based on the book, The Little White Horse, there is little overlap, other than the names of the characters, but the movie story was good and interesting, and I encourage you to watch it!

 The Secret Of Moonacre 2008

I always have a book to read, and am WAY behind on posting my list! These two books really took my attention and so I wanted to make sure I told you about them!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

What’s New?

I know it looks like nothing is happening with my writing and publishing – but am working with several wonderful people on some awesome ideas.

Will tell you all about it soon 🙂

Chucklebeary Business Cards front

Errows of Spring Mission 2: Rescue Santa

 Delighted to invite you to enjoy my latest book!

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HAPPY to be HOME again!

We are having beautiful fall weather with lots of sunshine and not too warm. Hope you are enjoying life wherever you are.

Now that I am home – I want to promote my new book. Two Tonnes of Sisu deals with stopping bullies and abuse at home. Just like life, there are good times and bad times. My characters work hard to make their lives better, and help those around them.

It’s a good story to start thinking about the tough issue of abuse in all its ugly forms, what makes a home, and what rules we need to live together in harmony.

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See you in October

Spending the month of September by a beautiful lake and hope to be well rested and inspired by the time I come home.


I sincerely recommend this book about child abuse and bullying. Without dwelling on the actual abuse, my story follows what happens after Geremy is rescued by SPRING.

SPRING is the Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies.  The team sent on their first mission to Earth consists of two Tontuu, small human-like beings, and two very large cats, Mr. Alex and Mrs. Munchkin.

Errows are very big mistakes – and sometimes this team makes some real whoppers!

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And here is my favorite book from this update list:

This is book 5 in the complete comic book series. I have been a great fan of the author, Tove Jansson, ever since I can remember and I am really enjoying the chance to read her comic series written for the British Associated Newspapers.

This volume has a lot of niblings who remind me of tribbles from Star Trek!

Hope you enjoy this series and laugh as much as I do! Wish we could all be as relaxed and enjoy life as much as the Moomins do!