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What’s New?

I know it looks like nothing is happening with my writing and publishing – but am working with several wonderful people on some awesome ideas.

Will tell you all about it soon ūüôā

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Errows of Spring Mission 2: Rescue Santa

 Delighted to invite you to enjoy my latest book!

You can purchase it here for just 99 cents (that’s in US dollars)


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HAPPY to be HOME again!

We are having beautiful fall weather with lots of sunshine and not too warm. Hope you are enjoying life wherever you are.

Now that I am home – I want to promote my new book. Two Tonnes of Sisu deals with stopping bullies and abuse at home. Just like life, there are good times and bad times. My characters work hard to make their lives better, and help those around them.

It’s a good story to start thinking about the tough issue of abuse in all its ugly forms, what makes a home, and what rules we need to live together in harmony.

Remember amazon.com has FREE downloads so you can read my story on any of your mobile devices.


Here’s the link to purchase my new book for just 99 cents a download!


See you in October

Spending the month of September by a beautiful lake and hope to be well rested and inspired by the time I come home.


I sincerely recommend this book about child abuse and bullying. Without dwelling on the actual abuse, my story follows what happens after Geremy is rescued by SPRING.

SPRING is the Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies.  The team sent on their first mission to Earth consists of two Tontuu, small human-like beings, and two very large cats, Mr. Alex and Mrs. Munchkin.

Errows are very big mistakes Рand sometimes this team makes some real whoppers!

Remember – Kindle will give you FREE apps for all your mobile devices so you can read stories anywhere you like. I really enjoy having a book with me while waiting. We all spend a lot of time waiting in life! lol

Here’s where you can purchase a download of my new book:


And here is my favorite book from this update list:

This is book 5 in the complete comic book series. I have been a great fan of the author, Tove Jansson, ever since I can remember and I am really enjoying the chance to read her comic series written for the British Associated Newspapers.

This volume has a lot of niblings who remind me of tribbles from Star Trek!

Hope you enjoy this series and laugh as much as I do! Wish we could all be as relaxed and enjoy life as much as the Moomins do!

On Holidays

Here is the link to purchase your copy of Mission 1:


Here is what I will be posting to describe Mission 1 for amazon.com:

The Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies recently added our planet to their jurisdiction.

SPRING’s first mission on Earth starts with some great whopping mistakes guaranteed to result in an Errow Report!

Their  task is to rescue Geremy, a teen-aged boy, abused by his step-father. Should be quite straightforward Рbut Anu, an experienced SPRING agent, disguised himself and his wife as Tontuu, mythical creatures from Finland. To make matters worse, when Geremy arrives seeking shelter, they scare him away.

Can the other members of the team save the mission? Mr. Alex, Mrs. Munchkin and the faeries have some good ideas, but they need to gain Geremy‚Äôs trust, and he’s not willing to let anyone help him at the moment.¬†




Here we are!!

Almost ready to publish!!

I am blessed with some amazing people in my life and this is a perfect time to thank them for their help and support.

Although I would love to thank all my family and friends, I limited my published thank yous¬†to people who read, commented, and discussed this story ‚Äď or I would need an entire volume to properly appreciate everyone. (Some people¬†want to remain anonymous. I respect their wishes.)

In Real Life:

First, last, and always, every day, my sweet husband is there. Whether things are going well, or a complete disaster, he is there beside me.

Thank you Sweetie, for editing the entire book with me, your excellent suggestions and ideas, and learning how to format the book so I can spend more time and effort writing.

My three children who encouraged me to start another career, possibly so they will not have to support me in my old (older lol) age! Seriously, they are wonderful.

I love my children, of course, but I actually like them as people too. 

When I published Inside a Wish and CRISIS COMPANY last year, I had eight grandchildren. Now I have ten! Some of them are old enough to read my stories and share their ideas with me, but all of them inspire me, every day, to work for a better world where everyone is treated with respect and love, and allowed to strive for their dreams.

Pastor Rob and his loving wife who read and reread the chapter Discipline to make it clear and concise. Your relationship, and the way you respect and love your children is an example for everyone. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to help me write a better story.

My Buddy, Jacob, who makes me laugh even on really bad days, and believes I will succeed, even when I want to throw my stories out the window. Thanks for the encouraging words, and actually doing something to make my dreams come true. 

My main contribution to the front cover of this book is to have the sense to say, ‚ÄúWow, what a great idea!‚ÄĚ and frame the photograph well. Thank you to my Buddy, Zach, for sharing your energy, creativity and intelligence.¬†


Some of people on this list have been my Buddies for almost three years now. We met playing on Wiglington and Wenks together. (Sadly, that virtual world is closed). We are still together on Twitter, and the wonderful worlds of MiniMonos.com and Tinkatolli.com. 

One of my on-line Buddies (and we cannot remember whose idea it was but we all thought it was a GREAT idea) suggested the characters in my story should play on our favorite virtual worlds of Tinkatolli and MiniMonos. I wrote a new chapter and the kind people from those VWs allowed me to include it my book.

I play on and support both these virtual worlds because I believe they are safe places for kids to have FUN! The staffs are very good at listening to the players and implementing new and exciting updates. So if you join us on either of these VWs ‚Äď remember things might have changed since I wrote about them.

No one from Tinkatolli or MiniMonos pays me for my opinion or to be added to my story. Just wanted to clear about that! 

Many thanks to Andrea Deely (Eco-Mom) from MiniMonos for being a totally awesome human being and an incredible member of the MiniMonos Team. 

Kevin McLean, from Tinkatolli, is one of those special people I feel privileged to know. Thank you.

And, of course, thanks to the entire Tinkatolli and MiniMonos Teams for allowing me to write about their superb virtual worlds for kids.

Jacob actively shares both my ‚Äėreal life‚Äô and my ‚Äėon-line‚Äô worlds. Thank you, again.

To protect their privacy, most people in this section are identified only by their user names.

Thanks, and more thanks, for my volunteer editors. They read my first draft, and let me know I needed to do some serious re-writing!

Then they read the book again!

You guys are amazing and wonderful and I appreciate you very much:

Beny ‚Äď whose excellent ability to communicate clearly is always appreciated.

DarkPanther ‚Äď thanks for reminding me what is truly important in life.

Neville ‚Äď my number one fan who is always impatient to read my next story.

Yawn ‚Äď who is ready to read all the books I ever write.¬†

Writing is usually a very private occupation but one afternoon, while writing, I asked for some help on Twitter. What an enthusiastic discussion we had about daps. Did you know those fist bumping greetings vary by region?

Thanks to these knowledgeable Twitter users ‚Äď





and guess who? Jacob, of course, who sent us the link for all the information we could ever want on daps!


Please make sure you like what I wrote! Happy to make changes! And PLEASE let me know if I missed anyone. Assume I had a ‘golden moment’ of forgetfulness¬† and make sure I thank you!!

These are in totally random order!

Here are some delightful people from my on-line community who brighten my days:

mpeanut 96 – who helps me remember why I write

pixieone 09 – my faithful Buddy for ‘fun Fridays’

MonsterRobert97 – overflowing with encouragement and useful information

Jmann93’s #1 fan – and one of my fans too

Levi – always great to know you read my Tweets

MMCheats with Edge РFUN times together on Tinkatolli

Dorian 1453 – shares his amazing talent with us

Sandano РTwitter and Tinktolli buddy

PDS Obey Me – many wonderful evening/afternoon chats

coolpatriot – thanks for the lovely dinners and Bakery tour

Lukey GFX Рexcellent proofreader

imaBchimp – a very special Buddy

Cherry – wonderfully cheerful Tinka

Aata –¬† waited for this book a long time

DuderPhillies Рgreat to see you on my Twitcams and Tinkatolli

Penguitt Рhelpful master player of Tinkatolli

Nevillemore – my #1 fan!

Matt – incredible graphics master

miniJghRocks Рbutterfly master of Minimonos

Hamish –¬† Lady Gaga is amazing, dedicated to¬†her fans and¬†intelligent!

iStorm – you will see his wonderful graphics in the paperback edition

Daaviid Рa pleasure to see on Tinkatolli and Twitter

Virtual Zane – who gives me very real support

Loki Terry – for inspirational words when I need them

11GreenDayfan –¬†appreciates my creativity¬†

Dylan – for all the intelligent questions

MicroMaster99 – great cheering section

HisupPD Рsharing his creativity on Tinkatolli

Mikep01 – co-creator of some awesome on-line games

pen50gi Рretweets to share important news 




Thank you so much for your continuing support and understanding while I could not write. Really means a lot to me.

I have recovered completely from my surgery and my sweet husband is feeling better too!! He officially retires on Friday July 13th!! I think that’s a perfect day to say good-bye to working. 

Once things calmed down, I was able to get back to revising my book using the great suggestions and ideas from all my editors.

I am just finishing the final edit and plan to Email the full story out on Sunday to my editors.

I have a model (good Buddy) coming on Wednesday to help me with the cover photo and plan to launch ERROWS of SPRING Mission 1: Two Tonnes of Sisu in about 10 days.

Looking forward to sharing the final version of my story with you.