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Here is what I will be posting to describe Mission 1 for amazon.com:

The Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies recently added our planet to their jurisdiction.

SPRING’s first mission on Earth starts with some great whopping mistakes guaranteed to result in an Errow Report!

Their  task is to rescue Geremy, a teen-aged boy, abused by his step-father. Should be quite straightforward – but Anu, an experienced SPRING agent, disguised himself and his wife as Tontuu, mythical creatures from Finland. To make matters worse, when Geremy arrives seeking shelter, they scare him away.

Can the other members of the team save the mission? Mr. Alex, Mrs. Munchkin and the faeries have some good ideas, but they need to gain Geremy’s trust, and he’s not willing to let anyone help him at the moment. 



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