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I sincerely recommend this book about child abuse and bullying. Without dwelling on the actual abuse, my story follows what happens after Geremy is rescued by SPRING.

SPRING is the Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies.  The team sent on their first mission to Earth consists of two Tontuu, small human-like beings, and two very large cats, Mr. Alex and Mrs. Munchkin.

Errows are very big mistakes – and sometimes this team makes some real whoppers!

Remember – Kindle will give you FREE apps for all your mobile devices so you can read stories anywhere you like. I really enjoy having a book with me while waiting. We all spend a lot of time waiting in life! lol

Here’s where you can purchase a download of my new book:


And here is my favorite book from this update list:

This is book 5 in the complete comic book series. I have been a great fan of the author, Tove Jansson, ever since I can remember and I am really enjoying the chance to read her comic series written for the British Associated Newspapers.

This volume has a lot of niblings who remind me of tribbles from Star Trek!

Hope you enjoy this series and laugh as much as I do! Wish we could all be as relaxed and enjoy life as much as the Moomins do!

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