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I’ll Take BOTH!!

Just finished revising this!!

Still hoping it will work as part of my new story, but if even if not, it was FUN to know my characters love Minimonos and Tinkatolli too!! 🙂

Chapter ?

(not sure where this will go yet)

Let’s Take BOTH!


          “Help, I need help,” Brad yelled as he pushed past Geremy.

          “No, no, I need help more,” Geremy called as he forced his way past Brad.

          They both fell over laughing and rolled into the living room.

          Maija smiled at them.

          “Now what?” she asked as she finished stitching a bead on a black shirt.

          The two boys helped each other up and sat on the big couch.

          “You go first,” Brad said politely.

          “No, no,” Geremy replied. “I insist you go first.”

          “Someone go first,” Maija laughed.

          “OK,” Brad answered. “I need, I mean desperately need, help with my Eco project for Minimonos. I have like, totally no idea what to do.”

          “I know exactly what I want to do for mine, but I need help with Tinkatolli. I need things for my project. I forgot to search for reusable stuff before the recycling truck came this morning!” Geremy sighed.

          “Sometimes I wonder what kind of monsters we created when we let you loose on the Internet,” Kari commented as he joined the conversation. The large cat curled up on the small couch next to his mate.

          “It was a real hard decision when you told us we could only join one virtual world!” Geremy answered. “We discussed what to do for days.”

          “We both love Minimonos and Tinkatolli!” Brad explained. “They both have great staff that actually care about their users, and answer questions and fix things. And they both want us to do stuff in the real world. Some worlds only want our money!”

          “But I think Tinka is better cause we have to make our own stuff. You know, collect the materials on the site and get the plans and put it all together. Not just go to Traders and buy it,” Geremy argued.

          “But I have to recycle and clean up my lagoon after all the idiots fill it up with garbage. I got sea turtles now and sharks!” Brad countered.

          “I think you made very good choices,” Anni said to stop the argument. “Minimonos teaches you about caring for the planet and Tinkatolli gets you thinking and moving and creating things.”

          “Yup,” Geremy agreed. “We have accounts on both worlds so it’s fun to help each other out. I got the membership for Tinkatolli and Brad’s got Minimonos.”

          “And I got nothing,” Clarence complained. He sat at the edge of the living room looking sad.

          “What’s wrong?” Geremy asked his little brother. “You got the same choice we did.”

          “Well I’m bigger now and I want to join too. I’m done with the worlds for babies,” Clarence explained. “I love making Tinkas and ‘member I helped you with that bed. And I wanna be on Minimonos and do an eco project. But I don’t know what I could do.”

          “No worries, little buddy,” Geremy answered. “I need lots of help with my project. I want to clean up the creek on the other side of the railway tracks. It’s full of garbage. I’m going to see if the teen group will help me. I bet Minimonos would think it’s a big enough project for both of us!”

          “Cool. Thanks,” Clarence replied with a smile. “I can help. I got those big boots now.”

          “I don’t want anyone falling in,” Maija warned them. “I think we better organize some adults to help.”

          “Sure,” Geremy agreed with a smile. “Let’s go talk to George and Martha. And we can see if they have any good junk for my project.”

          “You wanted to make a beaded shirt, Brad. Maybe you could use that as an eco project?” Maija suggested as the boys pulled on their coats. “We buy lots of our beads from the Thrift shop, and you could find a used shirt you liked too. Just like I did with this one.”

          “Great recycling idea,” Brad agreed. “Thanks.”

          “I guess I better change your membership,” Maija offered. “So, Clarence, which world do you want, Minimonos or Tinkatolli?”

          “Both!” Clarence declared with a grin.

          They all laughed.

          “You have until the end of the month to decide,” Maija replied as she picked up another bead.

          The three boys ran out the front door and slammed it behind them.

          “Peace at last,” Kari said and started to purr.

          “Not for long,” Maija replied as she picked up another bead. “But I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

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