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I am opposed to the Stop Online Piracy Act. On Wednesday January 18th I will be off the Internet completely and will not be posting anything new.

I have clearly stated several times that I welcome anyone to use my text or photos from my Blog as long as they identify them as my work and are not using them to make money.

For example, if you wish to use one of my flower photos to make a birthday card for your Aunt Mabel, and write on the back of the card, © Rosie Chucklebeary, I am delighted to help celebrate the occasion.

However, if you make 100 cards and sell them, I would consider taking action against you to enforce my copyright.

The person who creates something should be the one to benefit if they decide to sell it.

We have copyright laws. Perhaps they should be easier to enforce, but we do not require an entire new law with frightening powers that could shut down any site that contains copyrighted materials used without permission of the copyright holder.

I believe we should be more careful in what we post on the Internet and clearly credit people. Twitter is full of quotes without references.

I also believe schools should teach how to use copyrighted materials and how credit the right people.

The world is full of amazing and wonderful people and ideas. I have friends around the globe to share my stories with.

The Internet should be protected by all of us!


Find out what you can do to show the government we do NOT want this law!

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