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Looking for Editors

I should have the first book in my series, ERROWS OF SPRING ready for editing in about 2 weeks!

I am looking for volunteer editors to help make 2 Tonnes of SISU even better.


INSIDE A WISH and CRISIS COMPANY are stories just for fun! 2 Tonnes of SISU deals with some tough reality. You may want to skip this story and enjoy the next books in the series, GO WESTY MAE and EXTRACTION: SANTA CLAUS, which are just for fun and will be published later in 2012!!

Here is some information to help you decide if you wish to be one of my volunteer editors:

 Please let me know if  you are interested in helping me with 2 Tonnes of SISU.  I need 5 or 6 tween or teen readers to make sure the story makes sense and is believable.

You DO NOT have to check spelling or grammar but if you see any errors, please let me know.

Editors must be available to read 2 Tonnes of SISU about mid-January.

To be chosen as an editor you must be reliable (able to meet a deadline) and trustworthy (you MUST not share the story with anyone else without asking me). You must be able to communicate clearly verbally and/or in writing.

I allow at least one full month for editors to read my books.

An account on Skype would be helpful for discussions but is not essential. Your parents MUST approve using a webcam if you are under the age of majority. I know!! But I am always protective of anyone’s identity so please forgive me for acting like an old Granny!!

If you wish to apply – please send me a Twitter @chucklebeary or post a comment here on my Website. I will keep it confidential. We can then arrange a safe way for you to provide me with further information such as an Email address so we can exchange messages about the book.

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