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HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back to my story website/blog!

INSIDE A WISH and CRISIS COMPANY were published in 2011 and are available in Kindle and paperback editions. You can download both books from amazon.com for 99 cents each!!



You can find my books by visiting my author page on amazon.com:


The Kindle edition of Inside a Wish is still my bext seller!! I find this very funny as so many people asked for “real” copies of my books. Hope you have your paperback copies of both my books!

I know many families are struggling financially so:

Your local librarian or school librarian can order copies from amazon.com at a very reduced price. That way, anyone can read my books for free!

You can also drop into your local book seller and ask them to order you a paperback copy of my books. You can pay them cash so you do not have to worry about using credit cards on the Internet.


My focus for Inside a Wish and CRISIS COMPANY is to share my stories. If I start making a profit on them, I will use the money for more contests and give-aways, as well as paying someone else to set up the Kindle editions and the printing for paperback editions of new stories.

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