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Birthday Celebrations!!

My birthday is on February 28th!!

The wonderful teams from Tinkatolli and Minimonos are adding to the FUN with some great prizes to celebrate!!


Really easy to enter:

FIRST of all make your choice! You can only enter to win ONE present so make sure it is the one you want the most! This gives everyone the best chance of winning.

Here are your choices:


1 month membership (there are 5 to win from me)


20,000 seeds (There are 5 sets to win. These are presents from Tinkatolli! WOOT WOOT and many thanks 🙂


One Groucho egg from the Unusuals shop (from me)



1 month membership (there are 3 to win from me)


50 shells (There are 3 sets to win. These are presents from Minimonos! WOOT WOOT!! And many thanks to them 🙂


You can enter by sending me @grannierosie a tweet with your user name and the prize you want to win.

If you have a buddy who does not use Twitter, you can enter for them. Please make sure you have their user name and present choice correct!

I will make the draws before starting my Twitcams to announce the winners. The magic silver bowl is going to be very busy!

As I will be celebrating my birthday with family and friends over the weekend, I will be able to spend lots of time with you on Tuesday February 28th!! 

My plan is to do two Twitcams, one for Tinkatolli presents, and the second for Minimonos. Hopefully we can sign in afterwards and enjoy some time together.

Please ask questions and let me know if anything does not make sense!

Deadline to get your entry in is midnight EST time on Monday February 27th!



Looking forward to having a great birthday with you!!

Don’t forget the FIREWORKS!! lol 


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