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And NOW the moment we have all been waiting for!! lol

In the Spirit of Christmas, I am having two contests to share my happiness!

ANYONE can enter the first contest and there will be 5 winners!!

BOTH contests CLOSE at midnight December 21st Minimonos time!!

Winners will be drawn at random and announced on December 23rd!!


Let’s have a WOOT WOOT and a CHEER for all those wonderful people supporting me while I bravely set up sharing my stories!!


Here is a contest just for YOU!!

REMEMBER: You must ALREADY be following me on @grannierosie to enter this contest!! New followers can only enter the first contest!!

I celebrate Christmas and so I wish you a Merry Christmas. I respect everyone’s beliefs and am happy to accept appropriate greetings for the holiday you honor!! I always love to learn more about what people celebrate!!

We can all agree having holidays is WONDERFUL!!

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