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I am VERY happy to announce we are through the set up for the printers. I know it took a LONG time!! I learned so many new things!! The covers were the most difficult parts to get right. The printer has to trim quite a bit so I kept getting messages to move my design further inside the edges .


I think this photo really shows how the world looks when Jenny makes a wish and gets stuck inside it! Especially near the end when the trees start drifting apart.

I painted the pink background which represents her wedding dress and the color blue is very important in the story so I added it with flowers.

Thanks again to my buddy Jacob for helping me turn Mr. Chuckles into an AWESOME logo!!


We have a bubble maker and had lots of fun with it during summer birthdays! Wonderful to see how random things come together!

And what is my buddy, monkeyrock, doing on my blog? He’s saying wonderful things about me!! lol

Have you found the pic yet?


Seriously, you should check out his blog at http://thatminimonosblog.blogspot.com  for details on why finding this pic is important!

SO there we are!! Now waiting for the Proofs (first copy of a book so everyone involved can check it over for any errors). Remember the last time, Inside a Wish got lost in the mail, and they had to send me a replacement, so I do NOT want to promise a date this time.

I paid for expedited shipping!! Hope it is FAST!!

As soon as we can – Inside and Wish and CRISIS COMPANY will be available as paperbacks! Really really hoping we can go LIVE for Thanksgiving Weekend! (November 24th)

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