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What Does Rosie Read?

A good buddy asked me on Twitter yesterday, “What do you read?”

I thought it was a GREAT question. I read a lot. I read about 60 pages an hour (250 word pages) so I go through books very quickly and am always looking for new stories to read.

I read almost anything and everything.

I am starting a new page to record what I read. Perhaps you will find something that interests you.

I always do research for my own stories, in person at the library, reading books, and lots of great articles from the Internet.

Here are some things I read and watched to get ready to write Extraction: Santa Claus:

The “made for TV” Curious Case of Santa Claus is very old but still lots of fun with John Pertwee (Dr. Who number 3) and James Coco.

The Legend of Holly Claus has incredible illustrations and is well worth a read. It is from the Julie Andrews Collection.








Two amazing picture books with some new ideas of how things work at Santa’s home. Every writer has their own vision of Santa and his crew!

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