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I just finished printing a paper copy of the first draft of my Christmas adventure story. What an exciting tale with Santa Claus and the SPRING team in action again!

My hope always is that my readers will enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. This one was a wonderful, magical ride!

Here’s an update on the four books I wrote this year:

INSIDE A WISH – Jacob and I are finishing off some changes to the cover and content before ordering another proof. (A proof is the first copy of a book so everyone involved can check it over before going to print).

I estimate maybe another month before it is ready for sale. (As always, it will be a print on demand book so no copies are  printed until someone orders a copy = NO wasted trees)

Kindle edition at amazon.com



CRISIS COMPANY– now that I can see a little better I am hoping to illustrate the cover myself. Once I am happy with it, Jacob will set up the cover design, and I will recheck the inside the book before we order the first proof.

Again, the printing process takes time so perhaps another six weeks.

 Kindle edition at amazon.com 




2 Tonnes of SISU – first draft is written. I will not even start my own editing for several weeks, and then my wonderful volunteer editors will read for me.

This story introduces the SPRING team of Anu and Aino with Kari and Anni, the cats. They promise me many more exciting adventures.

SPRING – Society for the Protection and Relocation of Intelligence in the Near Galaxies!

So far, I only have their missions on Earth.

WARNING: this story is very real and sometimes painful. My other stories are just for fun, but 2 Tonnes of SISU deals with child abuse and bullies.


SPIRITs of SPRING – the first adventure. EXTRACTION: Santa Claus

What a very LONG title!! lol

Just finished the first draft today. Originally I hoped to have this story out for Christmas 2011 but obviously I cannot do that.

Will keep you posted on the progress of sharing my stories with you!

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