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Revised Plan for 2011

The first copy of Inside a Wish got lost in the mail for several weeks. The printers sent me another one a few days ago but this morning the original one showed up!

I finished the first draft of 2 Tonnes of SISU and am writing the first draft of my Christmas story. I had hoped to print them for Christmas but I now realize how much time and effort is required to finish a book ready for printing.

I will be making some changes to Inside a Wish before I approve it for printing and then work on Crisis Company. My other stories will have to wait for a while.

Life is always about choices. I planned to enjoy my retirement, but I have started another career instead! I still want time to relax and have FUN so I need to be careful not to do everything all at once!! (Even though I want to).

I promise to keep writing and publishing my stories, just take a little longer doing it!

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