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Not even the typist!!

While writing chapter 25 of my latest story 2 Tonnes of SISU today, many bizarre things happened. First of all Word decided I was writing in Finnish and absolutely refused to believe me when I checked US English five times!

Then the computer took over and starting writing even though I was not typing!! Finally my husband and I figured out the microphone was on and the Word program was taking dictation! It did not do a very good job –

That all that one in, swearing-in: fin that all is not funny and making life and death of the around and we’re not what’s been soliciting planning board one of the home of the”I suspect you;re right. I don’t want to stop the boys from going to church by forcing them,” Maija agree sadly.

Good thing I can see well enough to type! Dictation programs still have a long way to go. I have used a few of them. As long as I speak calmly and clearly, we do pretty well. But as soon as I get excited because something exciting is happening in my story – the program cannot understand a word I say. And laughing causes a complete breakdown!


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