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We hope to have CRISIS COMPANY ready for the editors in about 2 weeks. If you want to read a copy before everyone else and have a chance to help me make it a better book – this is your chance!!

Here are some things I look for in editors –

To be chosen as an editor you must be reliable (able to meet a deadline) and trustworthy (you MUST not share the story with anyone else). You must be able to communicate clearly verbally and/or in writing. I allow at least two weeks (hopefully longer) for editors to read my books.

An account on Skype would be helpful for discussions but is not essential. Your parents MUST approve using a webcam if you are under the age of majority. I know!! But I am always protective of anyone’s identity so please forgive me for acting like an old Granny!!

If you wish to apply – please send me a Twitter @chucklebeary or post a comment here on my Website.

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