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I genuinely believe everyone should get a book app for their iPad, iPhone or whatever you use (even for your pc).  There are several different ones available from amazon.com for free!

You will then be able to download many books from free sites as well as a great selection of e-books for the low price of 99 cents. When you are travelling, you can take a full selection of books to read on the bus, train, car (if you are not the driver!) or plane without going over the weight limit for your baggage or breaking the seams of your suitcase!

The other, extremely important reasons for using a book app: NO trees need to be cut down for e-books. NO fossil fuels for trucks to deliver them, or for driving to your local bookstore.

And you can get your book instantly. No waiting.


I wanted to ensure my privacy and the privacy of my readers by using amazon.com rather than e-mailing the book to anyone who wants a copy.

The other reason I chose an e-book format is the cost. Printing a book costs a lot of money. I would have to charge more for my book.

Think about it. Look at the facts.

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